Sole focus, broad experience

We provide litigation and dispute resolution advice and representation in a broad range of practice areas, including:

Arbitration and Mediation

We provide advice and representation in relation to a range of alternative dispute resolution processes, including arbitration and mediation, as well as expert determinations and valuations.

Building and Construction Disputes

We act for Principals and Superintendents in relation to a variety of disputes arising from building and construction projects, including contractual dispute resolution processes as well as court and arbitration proceedings.

Commercial Litigation

We represent clients in relation to a wide range of commercial litigation and corporations proceedings before the Supreme Court of Western Australia, the Federal Court of Australia and superior courts in other jurisdictions, both at first instance and at appellate level. We try to resolve disputes before commencement of proceedings where possible, and where proceedings are commenced our aim is to resolve them by mediation or trial as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Competition and Consumer Law

We advise and act for corporations and individuals in disputes involving allegations of misleading or deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law and State fair trading legislation, with particular focus on issues of causation and remedies.

Confidential Information

We provide advice and representation to public and private companies in claims and proceedings relating to protection, preservation and recovery of confidential, proprietary and commercially sensitive information.

Contractual Disputes

We act for parties in relation to issues concerning the formation, performance, termination and interpretation of contracts, including issues relating to pre-contractual negotiations.


We have extensive experience in relation to corporations matters, including corporate governance and directors’ duties, takeovers and schemes of arrangement, board disputes, shareholders’ oppression proceedings and derivative action applications, access to company books and records, and company meetings.

Declarations and Injunctions

We act for clients in proceedings in which declaratory and injunctive relief is sought, as well as applications for interlocutory injunctions, Freezing Orders and Search and Seizure Orders.


We advise and act for liquidators and other insolvency practitioners, as well as directors and creditors, in relation to a range of issues and proceedings arising out of liquidation, voluntary administration, deeds of company arrangement, receivership and near insolvency scenarios.

Property Law

We act for property owners and developers in relation to disputes arising from contracts for the acquisition and development of land, commercial tenancies and compulsory acquisition of property, as well as other issues concerning interests in property.

Regulatory and Compliance Processes

We provide advice and representation to public companies and individuals in relation to investigations by the Australian Securities Investments Commission, Australian Taxation Office, and other Federal and State regulators, including notices to produce, examinations, search warrants and subpoenas.

Strategic and Risk Management Advice

Our experience in commercial litigation matters enables us to provide strategic and risk management advice ahead of court proceedings or formal dispute resolution processes. We are regularly asked to advise our clients (and their boards) in relation to potential disputes, contractual notices, letters of demand, pre action discovery and genuine steps to try to resolve issues in dispute prior to commencement of proceedings.